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Apparel Services

How to Pick A Third Party Warehouse

When selecting a third party warehouse for your e-commerce fulfillment or storage services, you should evaluate both the location and the range of services each company offers to ensure the warehouse meets your needs. When you look at DDI, you will find the ideal combination.

Convenient location

Your 3PL partner's location should minimize travel and transport time from major shipping and transfer points. If your goods move by sea, ideally the third party warehouse should be near major ports. For fast delivery of goods to consumers, the location should be near hubs for carriers you use frequently.

Our 1.2 million square feet of secure space is located in Martinsville, Virginia, close to the Virginia ports and within a single day's drive of most other East coast ports. We provide drayage services to and from the nearby ports, and we're less than an hour from FedEx's Greensboro hub for rush shipments. We work with most common carriers as well, so no matter how you want to move your material, we are conveniently situated.


Safety and security of your goods should be a major consideration when choosing a third party warehouse partner. Even though you insure your goods, you want to be certain that they are as well protected as possible. Pilferage or theft can eat in to your profits, and fire, water or mold damage can shut down your operation for months while you wait for insurance payouts and the arrival of replacement materials.

Our warehouses provide highly secure storage for your inventory. Our facilities have perimeter fences, live private guards on site, climate controls, fire and smoke detection systems and success controls.

E-commerce fulfillment

Consumers have come to expect rapid delivery of their e-commerce orders, so you need your 3PL partner to have state of the art systems that allow nearly instant visibility to new orders, and systems that enable same-day or next day shipments. Customers blame slow deliveries on the brand, not the warehouse, so you must ensure that your chosen partner has the capability to perform quickly and accurately when fulfilling your orders.

Protecting your brand and satisfying customers are why we offer same day shipment for ecommerce fulfillment orders you send us by 2 p.m. Order tracking is simple for both you and your customer because we are integrated with UPS and FedEx software.

Easy information access

Supply chain visibility is one of the most precious commodities in a successful business. You need to have access to your inventory on hand information to ensure you provide accurate available to promise information to customers, and you want the shipping team to react to orders right away.

We make our advanced warehouse management system available to our customers to provide complete and secure visibility to the customer's open and shipped order status and available inventory. Whether you choose to enter your orders directly into our system or your own, we begin working on shipping your goods right away.

Apparel handling services

When consumers order apparel from you, they expect it to arrive in as pristine a condition as if they had picked it up at a mall store. They expect clean, pressed clothing free from defects, and they also expect custom hemming and embroidery or labels. They expect a lot, and you need a third party logistics provider who delivers a lot.

Our skilled team offers a full range of apparel services, including

  • Adding custom, stickers or labels
  • Cleaning and pressing
  • Mending and repairs
  • Hanging or packing
  • Custom embroidery and heat transfer labeling

Reverse logistics

Reverse logistics is an integral part of any ecommerce business. It is important to be timely and efficient. We offer complete reverse logistics, including incoming inspection and we repair, clean and press returned apparel to restore it to pristine saleable condition.


Whatever your 3PL needs, turn to DDI for the best, most reliable third party warehouse services available.