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Reverse Logistics

Expert Returns Management Services

DDI offers complete reverse logistics and returns management services, including inspection of all returned goods. We identify flaws and damages, and repair products as necessary. We clean, press and rehang apparel, and repair small defects such as torn hems or split seams. We can re-tag and re-ticket returned goods so that they can be returned to sellable inventory without delay.

We also inspect packaged goods for missing components. We can replace any lost components and completely repackage items, so that the product is in new condition, ready and waiting for the next order.

Managing returns can be a cumbersome and time-consuming process, but managing reverse logistics efficiently is essential to customer satisfaction. Let DDI manage the entire process while you focus on managing the other important aspects of your business.

Our experienced team is dedicated to quality and customer service and we work together to ensure that your returns process is handled efficiently and cost effectively to minimize the expense and impact on your inventory. Contact us to get more information about our customized fulfillment services, or request a quote today!