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Pick and Pack Services

Pick and Pack - <b>Pick and Pack Services</b>

Our pick and pack services are so efficient that we commit to shipping orders received by 2 P.M. the same day the order comes in. We pick your goods from storage and repack them to suit the order and protect them during shipment. Whether your order calls for packing items for individual shipment or breaking down pallets or cases and re-packing for distribution, our experienced team gets the job done right and sends your orders to their destination on time.

We can press or fold apparel, and we add custom hang tangs or tickets as required so your materials arrive in perfect condition, ready for the consumer to enjoy or to go directly to the selling floor if they are destined for the retail floor.

Our state of the art warehousing and order management software provides pick lists sorted for optimum picking efficiency, so we can get started as soon as we receive your order, and we're integrated with USPS, Fedex and UPS systems so you can start tracking your orders right away. Our pick and pack team is experienced, and we pride ourselves on their accuracy and integrity. Contact us today or get a quote to see how we compare to the rest.