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ecommerce fulfillment

Kitting & Light Assembly Services

DDI offers kitting and light assembly as part of our ecommerce fulfillment services. Whether you need repair part kits gathered for specific products or configurations, or you need items kitted before shipping based on colors, models, destination or any other characteristic, our team of professionals can get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our warehousing and order management software provides the team with accurate pick lists for your kits, based on your standard or unique bills of materials, depending on your needs.

Our team is also fully trained in basic assembly techniques, and we offer final assembly for products whether that requires standard builds or custom configurations. We gladly stock your sub-assemblies, housings and other components, and we have teams of assembly and finishing experts equipped with the necessary tools to finalize your product for shipment and delivery to the customer.

Our experienced assemblers are dedicated to producing high quality workmanship and error free products. You can rely on the team at DDI to ensure that we complete your kitted and final assembly orders efficiently, correctly and on time to meet your customer's needs. Simplify your inventory management by letting us manage your kitting and final assembly needs. Contact us today to get more information or request a quote!