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Short & Long Term Warehousing

short term warehousingWhether you are looking for short or long-term warehousing, Diversified Distribution has the right combination of facilities and services to meet your needs. With over 1.2 million square feet of warehouse space, including climate-controlled facilities, we have the right combination of space, storage racks and equipment and controlled environments to store just about any materials.

If you need storage for just a few weeks or months to manage space during a seasonal crunch or a new product introduction, we can accommodate your requirements. We have storage racks and free-floor space to store bulky or oversized items. Our 20-foot ceilings mean we can stack your goods to minimize the square footage required, which helps reduce your storage costs. Our state-of-the-art material handling equipment and careful staff help to stow and retrieve your inventory regardless of its size or fragility while minimizing damage or loss.

For long-term warehousing storage, you'll find the same combination of space; equipment and staff help to ensure that your inventory leaves our facility in the same state it arrived in. Our advanced put away techniques help us to calculate the best location for your goods so that they are accessible when needed but out of high-traffic areas to minimize movement, and our high-tech inventory management system provides you with complete visibility into your on hand balances and any transactions. We can even repackage your goods into pallets or cartons to help facilitate storage and retrieval, as well as e-commerce fulfillment if that is needed.

Our centrally located facilities are easily accessible from multiple highways and ports, and we are very close to the FEDEX hub in Greensboro, so it's easy to get your materials to or from our warehouses.

Whatever your storage needs are, whether short term or long term, DDI has the right combination of facilities, services and equipment. Contact us today to find out how DDI can solve all your storage needs.