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Real-Time Inventory System

Integrated Inventory System in Real-Time

real time inventory systemWhen you store your goods with DDI, we provide access to our real-time inventory system that allows you to check on hand balances, shipments, order status and pending receipts at any time, day or night. You even have access to tracking information on your shipments so you can stay on top of deliveries every step of the way.

DDI uses the premier real-time inventory tracking systems for you and your customers enabling complete visibility to inventory and order status at any time from any computer. All you need is a browser and your login information. The system's security features keep your information protected, so there's never a worry about unprotected information access.

If you need a hard copy report or detailed information about stats, our system allows you to export the on hand balance information to a PDF report, or export it to Microsoft Excel for deeper analysis.

When you have critical or key customer orders, just log in to monitor the shipping status. You can see right away whether the order has been shipped, and as soon as it has been shipped you can start tracking its progress with the carrier's tracking number. You can easily transmit orders to us for picking and shipment. We ship orders the same day if received by 2 P.M.

Inbound receipts are visible, so you know when stock will be replenished, and you can also see inventory that's been allocated to existing orders. You instantly know what's available to promise for new orders, helping you to ensure that key customers are happy. In addition, you can create emergency orders online for immediate shipment. Quarantined materials or materials on hold are easily visible as well, so you can monitor quality status or keep track of material under evaluation, and make sure you don't promise material before it's ready for shipment.

Real-time inventory tracking access through our secure online system is just another way that DDI goes the extra mile to provide the services you need to manage your business. Contact us today to learn how we can help you with all your 3PL and material storage needs.