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Climate Controlled Distribution Center

Secure Climate Controlled Facilities


DDI's climate controlled distribution center offers safe and secure access for all your goods. Our 500,000 square foot climate controlled facility is constructed with concrete walls to help maintain even temperatures, and we keep the building within comfortable ranges of temperature and humidity to prevent spoilage, mildew or other damage to your sensitive inventory.


The interiors of DDI's climate controlled distribution center are impervious to sudden changes in the weather. Regardless of how hard it rains, your stored goods stay clean and dry, which means electronic components don't corrode, metal doesn't rust and textiles don't mildew. By preventing extreme variations in temperature and humidity, climate controlled storage reduces potential damage to organic materials such as wooden furniture, helping to prevent cracking and splintering from alternate swelling and shrinkage as temperature and humidity fluctuate.


Another benefit of our climate controlled facility is that the thicker walls and closed doors not only help to maintain an even temperature, but they also help to keep out dust and dirt that may settle on your inventory or attract insects. Climate controlled storage is ideal for apparel, electronic devices, electrical equipment and consumer goods, among many other types of products that benefit from a stable environment.


Business Facilities Magazine recognized the Martinsville Virginia area, where all our facilities are located, as a good location for storage and distribution of materials because of our central location, easy highway access, low utility rates and a vibrant work force with a "can do" work ethic.


With our dedicated workforce, our modern equipment, our efficient processes, and the ample space in our 500,000-plus square feet of climate controlled storage, you won't find a better partner for your warehousing and distribution needs. We also have one million square feet of nearby non-climate controlled storage space, so we can meet your needs regardless of the amount or type of storage you require. Our customers rave about our facilities and our services, and we believe that you will too. If you're looking for climate controlled storage and distribution facilities in the Martinsville Virginia area, contact us today to discover what it means to work with a true logistics partner.