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Experienced JIT Shipping Provided by DDI

If you're trying to keep inventory lean to control costs or even to conserve space, DDI can help manage the smooth flow of materials with our Just in Time (JIT) shipping services. We can ship your material using FedEx, UPS or common carrier, or if you're near our facility in Martinsville, Virginia, we can deliver your goods in our own fleet of trucks and vans. We're able to ship materials to your facilities on a daily or weekly basis, or on any schedule that makes sense for you, so that you keep production running smoothly without the clutter and confusion of excess inventory in queue at your work centers.

Because our JIT shipping service is so reliable, you don't have to worry about missed shipments or short counts, and we process your deliveries automatically according to the schedule you set. Don't waste time and money counting, storing and moving large amounts of inventory when you can be more effective and efficient by relying on DDI's convenient JIT shipping services. Now you can manage your inventory easily with the most modern and up-to-date method available with just in time shipping from DDI. Contact us today or request a quote today!