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Labeling Services

Professional Label Sewing, Tagless Labeling & Heat Transfer Labeling

We offer several different labeling services depending on your needs. We can label or re-label garments or add private labels to garments as required, for either large or small quantity lots, including label sewing, tagless labeling and heat transfer labeling. We have many sewing operators on staff that are capable of removing and replacing labels at a rate of 6,000 shirts per day. Also, our in-house heat transfer labeling equipment allows us to quickly add tagless labels to all your apparel. This heat sealing method can be done at a rate of about 6,400 labels per day.

We can add or remove hang tags, price tags, stickers and other retail tags to garments as necessary, and we can unpack apparel from bulk packaging and fold or hang to repack into sellable units or branded packaging.

Our experienced team is familiar with the government regulations regarding labeling for fabric content, country of origin and care instructions, so we can help you maintain compliance.

If you'd like to find out more about our labeling services, contact us today!