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Incoming Material Inspection Services

DDI offers complete incoming material inspection services for the entire range of your inventory. We can inspect every item in a shipment or a specified percentage of items selected at random from the lot. We have the ability to inspect for:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Dimensional consistency
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Spots or stains

What if there are defects or stains?

If we do find defects, you have the option to have us repack and return just the defective items to your supplier, return the entire shipment or repair the defects so you can sell the apparel immediately without worry. Our skilled sewers can repair hems, replace zippers or buttons and mend most apparel defect. If there are stains, we offer garment restoration services to correct these issues, as well.

After we inspect and make the required repairs, we can press, steam, tag, label or hang your product so that it reached the customer in pristine condition. Our entire team is dedicated to providing quality products and services to every one of our customers.

There's no need to have material delivered to your facility for inspection prior to warehousing when we can inspect your goods for you, saving you time, money and eliminating extra non-value added steps that slow down your processing. Try our incoming material inspection services with your next apparel delivery and we'll convince you that we offer a superior service. Contact us today or request a free quote!