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Heat Transfer Labeling Services

When you want your products to stand out from the competition, consider heat transfer labeling for creating tag-free apparel or for adding decorative logos, slogans and designs to clothing. Heat transfer labeling allows manufacturers to stock one item and quickly and easily add a brand name along with other label information, so a single SKU can easily supply multiple customers. Consumers love the increased comfort of their apparel when the manufacturer uses heat transfer labeling to eliminate the discomfort and expense of sewn in labels.

Additional benefits of heat transfer labeling include:

  • Speed: Add custom logos to apparel such as tee shirts just before shipping, so you can quickly supply your customer without having to stock multiple items in inventory.
  • Easy Process: Supply multiple items from a single stocking unit. If you offer apparel with multiple designs or slogans, we can apply the design to the item just before shipping.
  • Quality: High pressure heat transfer presses to ensure that your design transfers perfectly every time and that it stays on through repeated launderings.
  • Custom: Complete control over the size, the design and the colors of the final label.
  • Comfort: Consumers love the increased comfort of their apparel over sewn in labels.
  • Cost: Save time and money when using heat transfer labeling over the expense of sewn in labels.

Heat transfer labeling is fast and more cost effective than sewn-in labels are, and since consumers generally prefer the comfort of tag-free garments, it makes sense to try our heat transfer labeling service with your next apparel order.

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