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Garment & Apparel Repair Services

Expert Garment Alterations


Our skilled alteration team provides full capabilities for garment alterations and garment repair services. We can custom hem pants or provide more extensive alterations depending on needs. We can also repair garments damaged in shipment or that customers returned with defects. We can even alter garments to conform to your specifications if we receive a shipment of garments that are out of spec.

Since we offer pants hemming, our customers gain a few benefits:

  1. You are able to stock pants in un-hemmed lengths instead of having to stock many slow moving sizes.
  2. You are able to offer customers a customized, finished product.

If you need garment repair services, our services include replacing lost buttons or snaps, repairing zippers, reattaching linings, repairing loose hems, mending split seams, and more. If there is a problem with a shipment of apparel products, we can make the garment repairs. We'll ensure that the garment will fit well, is free of manufacturing defects and is ready to sell and delight the wearer. Contact us for more information about garment repair or alteration services.