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Garment Inspection

Custom Garment Repackaging Services

repackaging services

DDI offers full, custom apparel services, including garment inspection, packaging, and attaching custom hang tags or tickets as required. We can inspect your goods when they first arrive at the warehouse from your supplier to ensure they meet your specs, and we can package or repackage each piece for individual sale or in size arrays for specific stores. Whether you need ticketing for pricing, care tags, regionally required tags or branded hang tags, our experienced warehouse team can add the tickets and tags to your order and quickly send your apparel on its way -- ready to hit the selling floor immediately on arrival or go straight to the end customer with direct order fulfillment. We can even inspect returned apparel, and if needed, we clean, press and repair the items before we repackage and re-ticket so each garment is once again in a pristine, sellable condition.

Our central location means we can deliver apparel to most locations within one or two days, and we can usually ship your items either the same day or the next, depending on the time of day we receive the order. You will save time, space and money when you rely on DDI's apparel team for ticketing, hang tags, inspection and repackaging of your apparel inventory. Contact us today for inquires, or if you have your specs configured, fill out our Get a Quote form and we will be in touch with you shortly.