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Just In Time Inventory Management

Experienced JIT Inventory Management Provided by DDI

Keep your operations lean with DDI by using Just In Time (JIT) Inventory Management. JIT inventory management reduces costs by minimizing material handling and helps to reduce inventory shrinkage due to lost materials or accidental damage. The hard part of JIT is managing frequent deliveries to ensure that you always have enough materials on hand and that's where Diversified Distribution comes in.

With our four centrally located warehouses and our dedicated fleet of trucks and courier vans, we can securely store your inventory and deliver it to your facility whenever you need it, just in time to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently. Whether you need daily deliveries, weekly deliveries, or random deliveries based on variable production throughput, we have the systems and equipment to manage your just in time deliveries.

We manage your materials with our state-of-the-art warehouse management software, or if you prefer we can use your inventory system. Either way, you have immediate visibility into on hand balances and transactions. Our professional warehouse staff pulls material as required, and we can package it into convenient totes  or full pallets (depending on the inventory) for delivery right to your production line. We can provide JIT inventory management deliveries based on your Kanban pull signals or based on more traditional "push" methods, whichever works best for you and the particular item.

We're centrally located less than a day's drive from most of the East Coast, so we can easily make frequent deliveries, including daily or multiple weekly deliveries. In addition, we're less than an hour's drive from the FEDEX hub in Greensboro, so no matter where you are located we can get materials to you fast when schedules or plans change. Your line won't go down because of material shortages due to delivery delays when you rely on Diversified Distribution as your Just In Time inventory management partner.

Just In Time inventory management is an important part of DDI's Third Party Logistics services, but it's just one of the many services we offer to take the stress out of logistics management for our customers. Find out why top brands rely on DDI every day as the best partner for third party logistics. Please contact us to discuss your JIT needs or request a free quote today.