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Intelligent End To End Logistics Management

DDI Is Your Experienced End To End Logistics Company

An effective logistics partner should be able to step in to manage any part of your supply chain, whether it involves shepherding materials through customs or embroidering logos on apparel to fulfill a customized e-commerce order. You need a one-stop partner that can manage your logistics end-to-end so you don't have to. DDI supports all your logistics requirements, from receiving through stocking, picking, packing, order prep, dispatch and delivery and even returned materials.

With DDI, you get intelligent, end-to-end logistics management. From the minute your goods hit the dock at portside, we can provide drayage to one of our secure, centrally located warehouses. We can repack palletized or containerized goods into salable units, and we pick and ship e commerce orders the same day. Our cross-docking capability helps you keep inventory low and customer service high by cutting wasted time and effort out of the delivery process. We also offer apparel services such as pressing, hemming or personalizing, as well as light assembly and kitting.

Our advanced warehouse management technology is available for you to check inventory status, or we can integrate to yours. As an end-to-end logistics company, our systems integrate with key carriers such as FEDEX and UPS for fast accurate delivery, and we can provide truckload transportation services for regional pickups and deliveries with our own fleet of trucks. Our rates are competitive and our service is prompt.

Our team prides themselves on being the best at what we offer. We're efficient, hard-working and exceptionally focused on customer satisfaction. We'll always go the extra mile to provide the best possible intelligent end-to-end logistics services. If you'd like to find out how we can help solve your end-to-end logistics needs, contact us today or request a free quote.