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Top-of-the-Line Apparel Services
Our digital embroidery services include single and double-headed embroidery machines to do all your required customizations quickly and accurately. // VIEW ALL OF OUR APPAREL SERVICES //
Precise Pick & Pack Solutions
Our state of the art warehousing and order management software provides pick lists sorted for optimum picking efficiency, so we can get started as soon as we receive your order. // GET STARTED TODAY //
Fast & Reliable Delivery
We service over 60% of the country with 2-day ground delivery, so you save money on freight charges and deliver fast service to your customers. // GET STARTED TODAY //

The New Diversified Distribution

Diversified Distribution is a family owned business centrally located in Martinsville, Virginia. We provide our customers with a solid "Distribution Link" in their supply chain, with smooth integration and transition from Manufacturing to the end user. We combine cutting edge technology, logistics services and value-added distribution services for a variety of industries including the apparel, industrial and ecommerce industries.

Our goal is to help customers solve problems, increase efficiency, and maximize profits. Click below to learn more about our services.

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